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Joomla is one of the most-used content management systems, or CMS’, for creating websites with dynamic content. Its greatest strength is its ease-of-use, as it uses a customized administration panel with modules with which to manage every aspect of your website.

The way it works, using modules and extensions, allows you to create just about any type of website depending on your needs, from a blog to a news site, an online store or a simple corporate introduction page.

Among its other strengths is that it's free under a GNU license, it has a large community of users, help forums and constant new updates and extensions; therefore making it, together with Wordpress and Drupal, one of the most used and versatile CMS' in the world.

Given its business-oriented origins, it’s perfect for managing inventories and large quantities of information. One the other hand, it isn't as direct or simple as Wordpress, and it requires a greater command of the tool if you want to apply SEO techniques to your website.

Requires a database and and HTTP Apache server.

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